Sony Xperia M - Scanning barcodes with the NeoReader™‎ application

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Scanning barcodes with the NeoReader™ application

About scanning with the NeoReader™ application

Use your device as a barcode scanner to find out more about items you scan. For

example, you see a coat in a magazine ad and want to find the nearest retail outlet to

buy it. If the ad contains a readable barcode, the NeoReader™ application uses this

code to access mobile web content, such as a web page with more product information

or a map of nearby outlets. NeoReader™ supports most standard barcode types.

To start the NeoReader™ application


From the Home screen, tap .


Find and tap


To scan a barcode


When the NeoReader™ application is open, hold your device over the barcode

until the complete barcode is visible in the viewfinder.


Your device automatically scans the barcode, and vibrates when the barcode is


Some bar codes might be too small to scan.

To enter a barcode manually


When the NeoReader™ application is open, tap



Enter the numbers of the barcode in the text field, then tap


NeoReader™ application menu overview

The following menu options are available in the NeoReader™ application:

Tap to open more options

Enter the barcode numbers manually. This option can be used if your camera has difficulty reading

the barcode

View a list of previously scanned barcodes

View information about the NeoReader™ application. Read more about different barcode types, and

about how to use NeoReader™

Select your personal settings, such as language or country. This information is used to personalize

barcode content. Also, you can select preferences for how you use the NeoReader™ application

Send a text message to invite a friend to download the NeoReader™ application


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