Sony Xperia M - About Video Unlimited

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About Video Unlimited

Use the Video Unlimited service to rent and buy videos that you can view not only on
your Android device, but also on a PC, PlayStation


Portable (PSP


), PlayStation


3 or



Vita. Select your pick from the latest Hollywood releases, action movies,

comedies, classics, and a range of other categories.

Video Unlimited might not be available in all countries or regions.

To open Video Unlimited


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap .

Video Unlimited menu overview


View your account information

My Collection

View all of your saved video content


View and change settings for your account, purchases, and downloads

Add to wish list

Add the current video to a wish list

Delete all

Delete all items in your wish list

Remove from wish list Delete the video you're currently viewing from the wish list

Share information

Share information about the current video via a social network, email, Bluetooth, or

other method

Legal Terms

View legal information

The Video Unlimited menu is dynamic, which means that all options are not always available.

For example, the option to delete all items in your wish list is only available when you are

viewing the list.

To open the Video Unlimited menu

When the Video Unlimited application is open, tap .

Creating a Video Unlimited account

You need to create a Video Unlimited account if you want to buy or rent movies through
the Video Unlimited service. If you already have a PlayStation


network account or a

Sony Entertainment Network account, then you can use that account instead.

Exploring the Video Unlimited selection

Browse videos by category, or enter text to search for a particular item. You can also

choose to preview videos that you're interested in.